Spiritual Formation and Care

Mark Yarhouse’s new blog on Christianity and Psychology, Limning the Psyche, (which I think means "Illuminating the Psyche", though Limning sounds much cooler) has an interesting post publicising the new Journal on Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.

The inaugural issue of Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care is available. It is a journal published by Biola University, and the Table of Contents for the opening issue is as follows:

  • The Call and Task of this Journal (John Coe)
  • Introduction to the Inaugural Issue (Steve L. Porter)
  • Advancing the Discussion: Reflections on the Study of Christian Spiritual LIfe (Evan B. Howard)Spirit, Community, and Mission: A Biblical Theology for Spiritual Formation (Richard E. Averbeck)
  • Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation: Opening to Spiritual Formation in the Cross and the Spirit (John Coe)
  • Spiritual Formation and the Warfare between the Flesh and the Human Spirit (Dallad Willard)
  • Seeking Historical Perspectives for Spiritual Direction and Soul Care Today (James M. Houston)

Anyone want to buy me a subscription?

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