A sprinkling of Stardust

Our evenings are mostly spent at home these days compared to the days of our youth..! But we had the pleasure of watching a great movie the other night: Stardust.

The premise is simple: a fallen star holds the secret to eternal youth and so is pursued by those with evil intent, but those with a good heart seek to protect her at all costs. The star is a beautiful young lady who captures the heart of a man brave enough to step across The Wall from a world of normalcy to a land of fantasy in Narnia-esque fashion. The story includes witches, pirates, the pursuit of treasure, and the search for a true king. If you’re not starstruck by the movie, the cast itself is bright enough: Peter O’Toole, Michelle Pfeifer, Robert de Niro, Ricky Gervais, Claire Danes, Sienna Miller, Mr Weasley from Harry Potter (!), and an older Dexter Fletcher! All this is wrapped up in the award winning song from Take That, which gets everyones foot tapping!

Peter’s verdict: Fun, with Take That.

My verdict: Delightful escapism!

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  1. We watched stardust too the other day. A jolly nice film. I’m with Peter on his verdict although I might stretch to saying its more like Splash with Star Trek!!
    We had fun watching it!!

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