Austria – How would *you* vote?

Here’s an interesting exercise, especially for my more conservative (politically or theologically) friends. Wahlkabine has a questionaire that you can fill in to work out which party you would vote for in the Austrian elections. Click on the link and then click the huge "Starten" button. Don’t worry if your German isn’t up to scratch, I’ve translated the questions for you below. In the questionaire you can tick whether you agree, disagree or aren’t bothered about a question, and also how important you think it is.

My results were as follows:

BZÖ   9
FPÖ -15
ÖVP -24
SPÖ -38
Greens -51
Communists -79
Liberals -86

Remember, the BZÖ and the FPÖ are the two "right-wing" parties. Does that result confirm your worse suspicions about me, or come as some surprise (i.e. you know that I’m kinda moderate and that therefore the fact that my views are similar to these two parties is interesting)?

I’d be interested if you took the questionaire and then posted your results below, with an indication of how you normally vote in your own homeland elections. My suspicion is that many conservatives are going to be surprised at how moderate the two "right-wing" Austrian parties actually are.

Over to you.

  1. Should taxes go up for the wealthy to help fight poverty in Austria?
  2. Should new fathers receive one month’s fully paid paternity leave?
  3. Should criminals without Austrian nationality be deported after they’ve served their sentence?
  4. Should the Austrian Army (currently conscript based) become a volunteer only force?
  5. Should student course fees be abolished?
  6. Should everybody receive a basic income from the state?
  7. Should important decisions about the EU (Turkish entry, Lisbon treaty etc) by submitted to a referendum, even if the rest of the EU don’t have one?
  8. Should schooling aged 10-14 be made comprehensive (currently 10-14 year olds are streamed into the equivalent of grammar schools and secondary moderns)?
  9. Should the names of Sex offenders be available in a publicly accessible register?
  10. Should Austria tighten the criteria (health, family situation, skills) for asylum and immigration claims?
  11. Should the traffic problems on Austrian roads be eased by a higher tax on lorries (Austria has a large amount of intra-European traffic passing through it’s borders)?
  12. Should art which is socially controversial receive any state promotion or support?
  13. Should the consumption of soft drugs (Hash / Cannabis etc) be made criminal and prosecuted (currently Austrian police turn a blind eye to the consumption, but not the selling, of Cannabis)?
  14. Should the number of seats in Parliament be reduced to save money (Austria uses the d’Hondt List System)?
  15. Should those with higher incomes pay more into the National Health Insurance system, over and above the current maximum limit?
  16. Should Austria spend public money to get information about “tax refugees” (those Austrians who move their money around to avoid paying tax)?
  17. Should CCTV in public areas (rail and bus stations, public buildings) be even further increased than in recent years?
  18. Should there be a general smoking ban in restaurants and cafes?
  19. Should Austria introduce boot camps / borstals for young criminals?
  20. Should Austria spend more money on foreign development aid?
  21. Should long-term unemployed be made to work for non-profit organisations?
  22. Should children born in Austria automatically receive Austrian citizenship (at present they don’t unless their parents are Austrian)?
  23. Should the state pension start age be automatically increased in line with an overall aging population, in order to ensure long-term financial viability?
  24. Should abortion be made available on the State Health Insurance (currently abortions in Austria have to be paid for privately)?
  25. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?
  26. Should private car owners be helped by decreasing duty on petrol?
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