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I’m off to Austria first thing tomorrow morning for my Aunt’s funeral. Please behave whilst I’m away.

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I meant to post these while I was on retreat, but didn’t have time to do so. That means I’m left to amuse your Friday afternoon. Here they are – every single number one in Austria in the 80s in …

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Back from Austria and regretting the fact I live in Britain and miss out on all the best Euro-pop. This summer, the radio in the car was full of this (from 2003 but being played constantly at the moment in …

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Today is Austria’s National Day of Celebrating Independence, when we celebrate the signing of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955, a treaty that brought Austria freedom. These are the events of 1955 that are celebrated

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The Austrian General Election is today. Polls open at 7am Austria, 6am UK, 1am EST and close by 5pm Austria time, 4pm UK and 11am EST. Please pray for Austria on this important Sunday. I’ll try and post results and …

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Here is my final prediction for the Austrian Election this Sunday, based on recent polling. [singlepic=9,575,350] This is the chart of the weighted moving average of poll results this month. You can see that in the past week the ÖVP …

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