The Twurch of England

Inspired by the Twurch of England post and stream by the Church Mouse, find below a sortable list of Bishops and Clergy of the Church of England who tweet. The table calls a live value from the Twitter site to show a completely up-to-date position of which Twurch of England members are the most followed.

If you’re not in this list, or you can think of other interesting Twitter information we could add, comment below.

Click on the column title to sort by that value.


Name Username Followers
Alan Wilson @alantlwilson [twounter]alantlwilson[/twounter]
John Sentamu @johnsentamu [twounter]johnsentamu[/twounter]
Pete Broadbent @pete173 [twounter]pete173[/twounter]
Nick Baines @nickbaines [twounter]nickbaines[/twounter]
David Thomson @bpdt [twounter]bpdt[/twounter]
Steven Croft @steven_croft [twounter]steven_croft[/twounter]
David Hamid @eurobishop [twounter]eurobishop[/twounter]
David Rossdale @fishbish [twounter]fishbish[/twounter]
Mike Hill @bishopmikehill [twounter]bishopmikehill[/twounter]


Name Username Followers
Maggi Dawn @maggidawn [twounter]maggidawn[/twounter]
Michele Barzey @afrobehn [twounter]afrobehn[/twounter]
Frances Wookey @countryvicar [twounter]countryvicar[/twounter]
David Meldrum @revdal [twounter]vicardave[/twounter]
Arun Arora @revarun [twounter]revarun[/twounter]
Alastair McCullom @vicardave [twounter]revdal[/twounter]
Peter Ould @pould [twounter]pould[/twounter]
David Keen @davidmkeen [twounter]davidmkeen[/twounter]
Phil Ritchie @philritchie [twounter]philritchie[/twounter]
Kathyrn Fleming @goodinparts [twounter]goodinparts[/twounter]
James Ogley @riggwelter [twounter]riggwelter[/twounter]
Simon Rundell @frsimon [twounter]frsimon[/twounter]
Evan Cockshaw @pastorev [twounter]pastorev[/twounter]
Simon Harvey @simonjharvey [twounter]simonjharvey[/twounter]
Joanna Jepson @joeyjep [twounter]joeyjep[/twounter]
Jim Benton-Evans @revpafc [twounter]revpafc[/twounter]
Alastair Cutting @alcutting [twounter]alcutting[/twounter]
Katy Francis @kathroom [twounter]kathroom[/twounter]
Rich Johnson @richjohnson [twounter]richjohnson[/twounter]
Jeremy Parsons @jdap [twounter]jdap[/twounter]
Scott Watts @revscottwatts [twounter]revscottwatts[/twounter]
Mike Bursell @mikecamel [twounter]mikecamel[/twounter]
Mark Beach @rugbyrector [twounter]rugbyrector[/twounter]
Lorraine Dixon @ayodele05 [twounter]ayodele05[/twounter]
Ali Mepham @alimepham [twounter]alimepham[/twounter]
Johanna Clare @johannaclare [twounter]johannaclare[/twounter]
Richard Frank @richardfrank [twounter]richardfrank[/twounter]
Base Chord @submergedgate [twounter]submergedgate[/twounter]
Howard Jameson @howardjameson [twounter]howardjameson[/twounter]
Jon March @jonmarch [twounter]jonmarch[/twounter]
Rachel Rosborough @revrachros [twounter]revrachros[/twounter]
Sam Norton @elizaphanian [twounter]elizaphanian[/twounter]
Tim Norwood @timmk [twounter]timmk[/twounter]
Mark Godson @liminalspace [twounter]liminalspace[/twounter]
Pam Smith @revpamsmith [twounter]revpamsmith[/twounter]
Phil Simpson @mullanasruddin [twounter]mullanasruddin[/twounter]
David Hodgson @dphodgson [twounter]dphodgson[/twounter]
Andrew Dunlop @tallandrew [twounter]tallandrew[/twounter]
Mark Fletcher @markkfletcher [twounter]markkfletcher[/twounter]
Ellen Loudon @ellenloudon [twounter]ellenloudon[/twounter]
Frog Orr-Ewing @missionalfrog [twounter]missionalfrog[/twounter]
Robin Usher @robinusher [twounter]robinusher[/twounter]
Harry Steele @edwinharry [twounter]edwinharry[/twounter]
Richard Cornfield @rectorrich [twounter]rectorrich[/twounter]
John Carter @johncomm [twounter]johncomm[/twounter]
Gavin Ashenden @gavinashenden [twounter]gavinashenden[/twounter]
Mike Resch @revresch [twounter]revresch[/twounter]
Matthew Woodward @frmatthew [twounter]frmatthew[/twounter]
Andrew Sillis @andrewsillis [twounter]andrewsillis[/twounter]
Stuart Tanswell @revstuart [twounter]revstuart[/twounter]
Bill Cahusac @billcahusac [twounter]billcahusac[/twounter]
David Walsh @davidwalsh1959 [twounter]davidwalsh1959[/twounter]
Ashley Collishaw @revshlee [twounter]revshlee[/twounter]
Will Adam @gitte [twounter]gitte[/twounter]
Frances Hiller @dioineurope [twounter]dioineurope[/twounter]
Jeremy Fagan @faganj [twounter]faganj[/twounter]
Annette Read @Nettievic [twounter]Nettievic[/twounter]
Charlie Kosla @CharlieKosla [twounter]CharlieKosla[/twounter]
Christian Selvaratnam @selvaratnam [twounter]selvaratnam[/twounter]
Judith Hubbard @Arlingham [twounter]Arlingham[/twounter]
Kate Bottley @katebottley [twounter]katebottley[/twounter]
Mark Meynell @Quaerentia [twounter]Quaerentia[/twounter]
Leah Vasey-Saunders @knittingvicar [twounter]knittingvicar[/twounter]
Paul Walker @paulwalker71 [twounter]paulwalker71[/twounter]
Rachel Taylor @revd [twounter]revd[/twounter]

16 Comments on “The Twurch of England

  1. I’m guessing you either came home on the train, or didn’t have much mail on your return from the Leaders conference?

    Any more than 12 followers is too many…..

  2. Great list and blog Peter.

    I’m CofE but on secondment to New Zealand:
    @richjohnson St Paul’s Auckland (

    Also worth adding:
    @joeyjep London College of Fashion chaplain
    @jonmarch HTB


  3. Great site – great page – great idea.
    I am a Catholic priest in Stoke-on-Trent and so far as we can find out one of only three Catholic clergy who are currently tweeting in the UK.
    On the numbers as they currently stand it would seem that I would take second place on your league table … not that I am bragging of course!
    God bless all you in all your work.

    Fr Peter Weatherby @frpeter

  4. Hi Peter

    Seems to have slipped off the list – probably my own fault for changing my user name. ‘pgw71’ became ‘paulwalker71’ (ostensibly to match my Facebook and other social media user profiles)

    Think I probably should be well up in the clergy list with my 340-ish followers :)


    Paul Walker

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