The Nice Stuff

In the midst of people who seem to spend their whole lives just being derogatory to you and your family, it’s nice to get some positive feedback from time to time. Here’s just a snippet of the pleasant stuff from the past few months.

I’m sure you get lots and lots of emails from people who wish to attack, undermine or even “correct” you, but as a Christian woman, struggling with singleness and all that it asks of me, and also trying to understand the authority of Christ in a very multicultural, post-modern and politically correct progressive society, I am only encouraged and motivated by your very courageous choices and the explanations of them that you provide here. I want to bless and bolster you – please keep doing this. Please keep crying out in the wilderness: prepare ye the way of the Lord.

While I have no trouble using the term exgay, I’ve done so only for the benefit of the audience I’ve been speaking to; it does not define who I am and where I’m at any more than the term “gay” when I was living that lifestyle. At the same time my journey out of the gay life differs from yours in that God has removed most of the same sex struggles that I’ve had as He has touched those broken places in my life that caused me to walk towards the gay life in the first place. As I continue to muse this whole issue i have come to believe that the Father is the key in both males and females in setting in place the brokenness that leads to same sex attractions. i know that this thought is somewhat premature and not completely thought through but with each passing day I see more and more how the Father role is so critical in the upbringing of children and thei r ability to know who they are and who they can trust, or not trust. Perhaps someday I to will travel to London and have the opportunity to meet you. Til then blessings.

God bless you, Peter

You are doing such great work, under a lot of nasty unnecessary stress as well. I have read your stalker’s stuff and he is a pathetic little man.

Your blog is fascinating, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the ‘sexualisation of heresy’ discussion.

Glad to be of service.

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