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Premier are currently using a snippet of an interview I did over lunch as part of their coverage of the “Civil War in the Church” issue. Here it is for all you boys and girls. Just a few seconds cut from a four or five minute interview.


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  1. It is getting crazier and crazier in the lodgy Anglican Communion.

    Having a ‘two-track’ church will either lead to clear schism or total dissolution. As Christ himself tell us: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Rowan doesn’t believe that, apparently, but neither does he believes a lot of other things that have been revealed by God to us.

    Why, let’s see: We could have the part of the Communion for those who believe Christ is truly the Son of God, and another part for those who just think he’s a swell guy! We’ll have the part where sodomy’s celebrated (and we can all be proud of it too!), and another part where it’s repudiated. And we can have the part where the Bible actually means what it says, and another part where the Bible means whatever we want it to say!

    Hurray! Yippee! WE can all have our own piece of the action, where whatever sin or depravity we really, really like is affirmed!!!

    While Rowan the little man might think this is viable (which is not surprising, given that he understands little of anything deep or real) – GAFCON won’t be yoked to total heresy and degradation. The more Rowan seeks a two-track solution, the more he’ll cause the rest of the union to get on with things and to break with what’s left of the see of Canterbury.

    But – I have to say – the one really, really great thing about ECUSA – is that it is forcing the people who actually believe Christ and the Bible to be brave and honorable and true and faithful, and to take the sting of persecution that comes from not ‘going along’ with the latest depravity du jour. That is how Christianity is supposed to work.

    One test of whether you are a real Christian is whether you willingly accept the persecution that comes for standing up for what the Bible and Christ actually tell us.

    The greatest of all Christians willingly accept a great deal more – the cross itself – like the many martyrs dying in places like Pakistan, or Indonesia, or Nigeria.

    They’re the ones (the least of these) who will enter first into God’s glorious kingdom.

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