Apparently I “Fumed”

Having great fun with today’s East Herts Herald, who lifted the story from last week’s Telegraph and decided to make a big deal of it. Apparently, I “fumed” upon hearing the news. I’ve “hit out”. Funny that, ‘cos when I spoke to the journalist (who at least unlike the Mail and the Times had the decency to give me a call) I calmly, over the coffee I was drinking at the time, said to use the quote in the Telegraph. Gotta love these local journos trying to make it big time…

For those who delight in journalistic exaggeration, here’s the local exclusive in full.

East Herts Herald 13/11/2009

5 Comments on “Apparently I “Fumed”

  1. Well well well peter fuming…..

    You know sir what I think about the local media always sensationalising rather than actually reporting.

    Regardsless – Good for you for standing up!

    As far as I am concerned – Fume away!

  2. Hmm, surely ++Desmond, Tony and St.Dolly are all pretty Christian? And TV ‘celebrities’ will surely be more likely to attract seekers to watch the programme than pastors?

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