Given all the fuss today about “The Wave” (which appears to me to be a bunch of people dressed in blue protesting about the fact that there has been no discernible change in the Earth’s temperature for almost 15 years), I thought I’d put up this video from Jon Stewart who gets to the core of the issues in his own unique way. Warning – some of the language is Certificate 15.

For those who want to understand where the Anthropogenic Global Warming critique is coming from, can I recommend this link for a lay-man’s overview and this link for a more comprehensive examination of the real issues. The questions being asked are:

  1. Given that the Earth’s temperature hasn’t gone up at all in the last 10-15 years, is the 1970 – 2000 temperature rise any different to previous temperature rises observed in the last 150 years?
  2. Is there any good scientific proof that CO2 content actually causes temperature rise?
  3. Why do climate models singularly fail to predict current climate patterns and why do the creators of those same models refuse to include empirical data that demonstrates natural causes for climate variation?

Thoughts? Please note, as a statistician, I expect any claims made in the comments to be backed up with empirical evidence.

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