Catching Up

Hospital CartoonMy apologies for the lack of interaction over the past 24 hours, but as those of you who follow me on twitter know, we’ve been with Reuben in hospital (including an exciting ambulance drive!) dealing with some side-effects of a nasty chest infection. He’s back home now, not 100% but much better.

Normal service will resume tomorrow, but two quick thoughts about bits of news over the past day or so.

  1. Can we please be clear mainstream media that the issue with the election of Canon Glasspool as one of the two new suffragan bishops of Los Angeles is nothing to do with the fact that she’s a lesbian and everything to so with the fact that she is in a sexual relationship outside of marriage.
  2. Since when, if you’re in a backwoods survival contest, is eating a rat to get extra protein somehow an issue? Have you turned over to the numerous Discovery and National Geographic TV channels recently? You’ll see much worse…
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