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Site, er, Cock-Up

Due to a monumental doofus moment on behalf of yours truly, I have just had to reconstruct the last month’s worth of posts. The site is now back up and you should have no problem seeing everything I’ve written recently.

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This week’s music

Haven’t done this for a few weeks, but this is what I’ve been listening to this week. My apologies for the next one… and

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Christian New Media Conference

Not a lot of blogging this week I’m afraid as I’m preparing a paper for the Christian New Media Conference this weekend. I’ll be starting to open up some issues around ecclesiology on the web, particularly in the areas of

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Mine will be slightly different then Napoleon’s. Gayle and I are going away for a few nights together, then I’m leaving for a fortnight of just me and God and the English countryside. As in the summer, apologies if your

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Off on Holiday…

Car then plane then car then mountains and lakes and sausages and beer and schnitzel but no noodles. See you in a fortnight. (Since I’m away, and leaving everything technological behind, I won’t be able to moderate comments. My apologies

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Fulcrum on the Los Angeles Episcopacy

In case you missed it, a tremendous response from Fulcrum. No-one can argue that they’re soft on this issue. I’ve added emphasis to what I think is the crucial call to the Archbishop of Canterbury as to what has to

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