Leaving and Cleaving

Leaving and Cleaving

I’m genetically biased, but I (and Gayle) think this is the best exegesis of “cleaving” in Genesis 1 that I’ve ever read.

Finally, whether we are young or old, men or women, we can all take great comfort in the fact that Jesus has cleaved completely to us as Christians. He will never forsake the vows He made about us. Like Hosea He has paid a great price to purchase us even when we do not deserve it. Like Boaz with Ruth He has redeemed us and brought us home. Consider for a moment – Ruth had another kinsman-redeemer (Ruth 3:12) but that man was unwilling to pay the price needed (Ruth 4:5-6). Boaz models for us the Lord Jesus Christ who is prepared to pay the price, pays it, and cleaves to His bride. There is a great security for the Christian in the unfailing loyalty and faithfulness of Jesus for His bride.

Read it all. It’s genius.

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