Going to the Chapel..

The Very Reverend John R Hall
Dean of Westminster
20 Dean’s Yard
City of London

Dear John,

Congratulations! Although it isn’t official yet where the happy event will happen, you must be very pleased with the news from yesterday which means that your Abbey will be hosting a royal wedding next year. Between you and me, you’re a dead cert for the job – there’s no way William is going to have a wedding in St Paul’s after what happened last time, and added to that, your Abbey now has massive sentimental attachment for him and his brother.

Given that Church of England wedding services are public acts of worship just like any other, I’d like to let you know now that I intend to come along and be part of the congregation on that special day. It doesn’t matter which day it is – trust me, I’ll be there. I can even sit at the back, just as long as I don’t have a restricted view. If it helps with crowd control I would even come a day early and camp out in the Nave.

I would hate for there to be any unfortunate circumstances at the door to the Abbey involving me being turned away from a public act of worship, especially since I have given you such excellent prior notice. Could you therefore please ensure that your wardens and the officers of the law on duty are aware that I will be attending this joyous occasion.


Revd Peter Ould
Ware, Herts

cc: Clarence House
cc: 10 Downing Street

4 Comments on “Going to the Chapel..

  1. Peter – you're just being mischievous. What's the point of this? Of course it's a public act of worship, you'll be able to watch it on the telly. Or ask them to webcast it, if you prefer.

    I can't see that churches are obliged to make room for more people than they can fit in, even if thousands want to come, or are you expecting the abbey to get planning permission for an extension in time for the big day?

    Best wishes,


    • Mischievous? Moi?

      It's a serious point though. All Church of England services *are* public acts of worship. If the public is barred from the service, how legal can it be?

      And I'm quite happy to accept that there isn't room for everyone, but I'll come a few days early to make sure I get my legally guaranteed spot!

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