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  1. Come on Peter, you could cite the existence of the Soccerrettes as indicative of a wider cultural problem, but all the women involved still chose to do so. That sky sports objectifies human elsewhere sounds like the sort of 'defense' that Andy Gray himself would come up with to explain away his actions. I think that you even get women working in the offices of Nuts and Zoos – would you believe a guy who (say) said that he thought it was ok to slap his female colleague's arses as they manifestly work in an objectifying environment? I reminded when Michael "Kramer" Richards blamed all the racial problems in *society* for his n-word outburst!
    Strange (in a good way) that evangelicals condemn sexism, but don't they at least believe that the sexes *are* essentially different which is at least one definition of sexism? Curious that they're so fond to whip out the dictionary when it comes to h—phobia, but so averse to dictionary definitions on gender issues! ;-)

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