Jonathan Daugherty on Sexual Addiction

Jonathan Daugherty on Sexual Addiction

A superb interview with Jonathan Daugherty on sexual addiction. I particularly like his description of walking out into a field with his friend to view porn for the first time – he describes the awakening of sexual understanding at a young age with the combination of guilt and fascination. This is a great video and I’m looking forward to the second part as Jonathan continues to explore the roots of sexual lust and how to overcome it in the strength of Christ.

There are more (over 100) fantastic video exploring all kinds of areas of sexual brokenness at Pure Passion.

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  1. Peter, I am not at all sure he is a sex addict.. I'll wait and see the next episode. I have helped a sex addict through the DTs and into sobriety, then met a host more Sex Addicts. My feeling is that he was suffering from guilt due to his childhood religious upbringing and then a very nasty compulsive habit.

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