A Conversation…

A Conversation…

Here’s a conversation I had recently with someone. Certificate 15, so stop reading now if you’re easily offended (but then why are you here if that’s the case).

A. N. Other : Do you know just how much damage homosexual sex does to the body? For example, men who engage in anal sex are far more likely to develop illnesses of the bowel, cancer or HIV and other STDS?

Peter : I have a question for you. Let’s just hypothetically assume that anal sex is perfectly safe and no more likely to be harmful then vaginal sex or any other form of sex. If that were the case, would your Christian opposition to homosexual activity in any way diminish?

A.N. Other : No of course not, because the Bible is very clear that we’re only meant to have sex within a married relationship.

Peter : If that’s so, in what possible way does discussing the health effects or otherwise of anal sex contribute in any form to a theological opposition to same-sex behaviour?

What do you think?

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