Quick Wins for Diocesan Websites

So, nice Archdeacon, you’ve finally got the parish reps to agree a parish profile and job and person specification. You’ve gone and bought advertising in both the Church of England Newspaper and the Church Times. You’ve put the diocesan website URL on the advert inviting interested applicants to download all the necessary details.

Why oh why then have you not put those details on the website? You know that the church press comes out on Thursday and Friday. You know that some of us turn straight away to the back pages to see what’s new. You know that first impressions count.

Seriously. Waiting till almost a week later (count them – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday – five days) to actually put up the details (though the one in question isn’t actually there yet) is just sloppy and tells me that you don’t do joined up thinking where you come from. If you had a proper CMS you could just schedule it for Thursday morning in time for all those fresh keen IT competent candidates to access quickly and simply. But wait – your diocesan website was last redesigned a decade ago. I can’t even find the vacancies page because there is no coherent site-map and the “menu system” is actually just a long list of links.

Forget the job you advertised – hire me as your Director of Communications. You need me.

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  1. On the basis of this it looks as though you might be heading in my direction… The diocesan website is showing some signs of improvement, but only from utterly dire to dire.

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