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Be Careful What You Wish For

You might get it. When Dame Heather Steel (of her own volition, but after consultation with the Bishop of Winchester) published an advert in the Jersey Evening Post asking for submissions to her in relation to the Terms of Reference

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New Advert in JEP

A new advert has been placed in the Jersey Evening Post (this morning – ironically). Click on the picture for a larger version. The advert represents the first explicit public threat against the Bishop of Winchester in this whole saga.

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Gay Marriage No Thanks

A new campaign has been launched today with the following advert in the Times of London. Hmmmmmmm…. What do we think. Points 1 to 3 are good but after that I think it begins to tail off.

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Core Issues Trust vs TfL

The ruling in the case of Core Issues Trust versus Transport for London (TfL) is now available. A Quick summary of the main points the judge made. TfL acted far to quickly in banning Core Issues’ advert. In the internal

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Government Sponsored Sex?

I kid you not. Apparently Singapore has a real problem with dropping birth rates threatening a major drop in the population. The solution? This advert from Mentos suggests that patriotic Singaporean citizens use the celebrations tomorrow night to celebrate Singapore’s

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Do Some Good Today

Here’s how. Dear Ross Williams, You are a successful entrepreneur who has won prestigious awards for developing your company, Global Personals as a leader in on-line dating websites.  Most of what you and your company does is positive – you help bring people

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