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    • Yeah, I know, rub it in, run it in.


      I’ve been thinking about this over the past 24 hours. The problem in Durham is that when they appointed Wright they thought they were getting a new Diocesan bishop whereas in fact they got Tom Wright. But what if this time the CNC knew exactly what they were getting (a very clear and popular theologian and conservative theologian who was prepared to kick some butt on the regular stops of his lecture cycle) and decided that’s exactly what the CofE / AngComm needs at the moment?

      ‘Cos let’s not forget, the last three paragraphs of his piece on Fulcrum are nothing short of a manifesto for the job.

  1. Nooooooo! +Tom went to St Andrews so he could write a book on Paul, which promises to be at least as much of a magnum opus as his Jesus books.

    I’m sure he wouldn’t see it that way, but it would be heart-breaking to see him bogged down in Anglican Communion stuff when he could be gifting the wider church with one of the most important books for decades. 

  2.  As far as the admin goes – in my current post the Parish Profile began with ‘must have a sense of humour’ – whether that’s because they wanted someone to make them laugh, or you need one to be the parish priest here is yet to become clear. However at no point on the list of attributes they were looking for came the word ‘admin’. There is a parish administrator as well as others with skills in that area who are able to pick up where I lack the skills to do so.

    Surely if we can manage that in a parish at the north end of Chelmsford diocese, the office of the ABC can do something similar.

  3. It seems a bit silly to go from a liberal brilliant theologian but bad manager to an evangelical brilliant theologian but bad manager when the Anglican Communion is falling apart. Jus’ sayin’!

    • I agree Philip, and now he’s got a mitre, what’s more to get - which can only be grief? In that respect I imagine Dunelm is a synecure compared with Cantuar. Maybe wise academics should stay at what they are good at – entertaining undergraduates. Isn’t Rowan Williams third in a row of of Anglican scholar-bishops returning to the academy? (I am not counting Nazir-Ali who seemingly left for other reasons than that he had a book to write).

      • I read somewhere else someone was questioning whether Rowan Williams will cross the Tiber now the Ordinariate is in place to fish him out. Seems bishops can get to keep the mitre if they are appointed to perform some quasi-episcopal function……He probably believes much as the Pope does  and has shown as ABC that he was able to suppress his personal views ut unum sint, as Catholics say.

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