ComRes MPs Poll on Gender Neutral Marriage

Extraordinary. ComRes have released the details of a poll commissioned by C4M that details widespread disinterest and concern amongst MPs of all political persuasion with the Government’s proposals on redefining marriage.

Some highlights:

  • 60% of all MPs think the issue is of disinterest to their constituents
  • 72% think it will damage relations between the Government and churches
  • 62% believe that Civil Partnerships already give all the same legal rights that same-sex marriage would achieve

ComRes break down the MPs by party, date of birth, year of entry into the Commons and how marginal their seat is. This leads to some interesting observations:

  • The less marginal an MP’s seat is, the more likely they are to be opposed to GNM. This means that MPs who oppose any Bill will be around for a while.
  • The 2010 entry cohort (around a third of the survey) tend to be much more cautious then their colleagues on the issue.
  • 94% of the Conservative MPs surveyed think the measure will damage the Government’s relationship with churches
  • 41% of Conservative MPs think the measure will succeed, 37% think it will fail.

There is no comment up as of writing on the C4M website.

12 Comments on “ComRes MPs Poll on Gender Neutral Marriage

  1. The 2010 intake will disproportionately be Conservative, and, it would seem, tend to be on the right of the Conservative Party.  A lot of them seem personally antipathetic to Cameron.

  2. Agree with Sean…most Lib dems and Labour would vote for it. The Cons are stuck in the coalition for the time being and the way they are making a hash of it on the economy, granny tax etc I doubt if the Cons will necessarily pull it off next time.UKIP could well be a bit of a spoiler.
    Perry Butler

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