The Euro 2012 Prediction Competition is Live!

As the Diamond Jubilee weekend draws to a close, I’ve now fully launched the Euro 2012 Prediction Competition! Following on from the huge success with the World Cup 2010 competition two years ago, you can now have another go at proving your prophetic charisms and compete to see who is the best Soccer predictor.

All the information you need is on this page here, and I’ll also update this post (which will stay stuck at the top of the blog) with the game leaderboard. Suggestions for a prize in the comments below if you’d be so kind.

For the Knockout Stages please enter the predicted score at the end of extra time and then also the score for any penalty shootout if you believe the game will end with a draw. Games with a penalty shoot-out will have bonus points for correctly predicting that result.

Good luck and get predicting!

Use the tabs below to switch through current predictions, results and leaderboards.


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[wptabcontent][euro-2012-predictor ranking=1 limit=999][/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]POR v SPA[/wptabtitle]

[wptabcontent]Predictions will be shown once match starts

[euro-2012-predictor scores=29]


[wptabtitle]GER v ITA[/wptabtitle]

[wptabcontent]Predictions will be shown once match starts

[euro-2012-predictor scores=30]


[wptabtitle]SPA v ITA[/wptabtitle]

[wptabcontent]Predictions will be shown once match starts

[euro-2012-predictor scores=31]



33 Comments on “The Euro 2012 Prediction Competition is Live!

  1. Hmm, my predictions have sucked thus far, hope I can make up some ground tomorrow by other posters patriotically tipping England to beat France… ;-)

  2. Hurrah, Italy through and En-ger-land crash out the tournament!! What’s Italian for GIRFUY!!!!! ?

      • As long as Fr. Gadgetvicar doesn’t win ;-)

        You might need some penalties-style tie breaker if two people (not mid-table me obviously) finish on equal points! Could always toss a coin like in the old days :)

  3. I see I’m in a neck-and-neck race with Woki mit deim popo for the wooden spoon. No surprises there – I’d make a terrible gambler! Still at least I have the excuse that as I’m in southern Africa I’m very much out of the loop on European football …

  4. ok, with only 3 games left the only option now is to go with the alternative “back the unlikely result in order to risk it” strategy.

      • Hmm, unless this is a double Ould double bluff, to encourage people to back unlikely results? ;)

        As I’m stranded in mid-table (at best!) I’m now rooting with the heart over the head. It’s very unlikely to happen, but Ronaldo leading this Portugal side to glory would surely be an achievement to rival (or, as Martin Samuel has argued, outstrip) Maradona’s in World Cup 86.

        Prediction-wise: come on, Anyone But Fr.Gadgetvicar!


        • Good to see my fellow Scot playing to type and having a go and someone doing better than him!

          • Your fellow Scot? So you’re not rocking the England top for *this* tournament then, or still generally sucking up to those in your congregation who appear to be under the misapprehension that the Scottish Episcopal Church is but a Tesco local style branch of C of E fundy evangelicalism (bet the million plus pissed away on the vanity project hall isn’t looking like such a great investment these days eh? Imagine the shag, sorry, batchelor pad wasn’t cheap either) ? *rolls eyes*

            Hey, I have other footballing “achievements” ;)

          • Indeed, shame they didn’t triumph in penalties (which would surely serve Spain right for ‘controlling’ games but not bothering with goals!)

            Have had a soft spot for the azzuri since I was in Italy circa Italia 90, so will have another heart-over-head prediction tonight!

  5. Well now, there’s a surprise! No change in the top 4 and we’re down to the wire as to who will win. Get your predictions in before Sunday’s kickoff!

    • Cheer up Shaggervicar
      O what can it mean..
      Congratulations on winning, Peter! Hope you get yourself a nice prize ;-)

      Poor Italy. But Spain are from another planet.

  6. Wow! With a late surge I manage to haul myself a massive two places off the wooden spoon position, above Woki mit deim Popo and ordinandy. Sometimes I surprise even myself!

    • Great idea! Or how about, for the Scottish readers, a prediction competition for whatever division the Glorious Glasgow Rangers end up playing in next season? (can’t see a fitba tourist like Shaggervicar being up for that competition tho! ;))

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