Close of the Day

I want to round off the day with this new piece by Tom Read. He turns what is a rather pagan and nonsensical poem into a beautiful hymn about our hope in Christ, just by changing a few words.

After Zachary’s funeral and cremation, our friend Pauline was instructed to dispose of his ashes somewhere in East Hertfordshire where we lived. We have no grave to return to and stand by and that was utterly intentional. If Zachary was part of God’s covenant people then he now dwells in the presence of the Father. One day with all the others who have died in Christ he will receive a new body that will not be flawed and broken like his old one was.

And yes, we still cry and weep, but we do not do so standing by a plot of earth looking down. Rather we gaze up through tears into eternity and into promises sure and sound.

Normal service will resume tomorrow.

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