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  1. Aren’t most pop-expressions of calvinism cartoons (in the pejorative sense) anyway? Sacha Baron Cohen would be hard-pressed to come up with a more ludicrously self (and ideology) negating character than the Mark Driscolls of this world! ;)

  2. If you have a problem with Rob Bell’s theology or feel he is teaching something contrary to scripture, have you gone to him directly and personally to challenge this? 1 Cor 6? ;)

    • @markhewerdine One imagines that Rob Bell would, not necessarily inaccurately, assume that other evangelicals – being all the “pop-culture” few-pilling column inches – are merely jealous of his fame…. ;-)

      • @apprising.org Heresy? Lol. I do hope all the online zoomer Heresy Policy start some Occupy St.Paul type antics, in response to the C of E’s (dare one say) annihalationist “Mystery of Salvation” document

        • @apprising.org And give your wing-nut creationist site some more hits? Kudos for the most stupid headline and “argument” I can recall in recent memory tho!

          (namely : JEFFREY DAHMER EPITOMIZES EVOLUTIONARY THEORY . Man, I didn’t even know he was a peer-reviewed scientist? But then neither’s Philip E Johnson, so..)

        • @apprising.org also, mad props for the use of ” “postmodernism” “- let me guess (fundy bingo being fun) do you also use “deconstructionist” in the pejorative sense? Note also the “Donate” page where one is encouraged to get one’s credit card(s?) out, despite the fact that there’s plentiful of tinfoil-hat “ministry” on the internet for free. As a great evangelical once said: “the God I believe in isn’t short of cash” ;-)

        • Nice, when you can’t deal with the facts, resort to ad hominem. By the way, I’m not a fundmentalist, and of course no ministries ever take donations.

        • @apprising.org LOL! Which facts? Actually, I’m the one quoting (you know, factual?) evidence of the website’s flaws, whereas you’re the one engaged in “you can’t handle the truth !” type ad hom. Unless, of course, you disavow the Dahmer story, which is quite as bad as ad hom? http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/guilt-by-association.html

          Truly, that headline is worthy of The Onion.

          I’d say your website (unless it’s not your website, despite, being your user name, which is weird) passes the “fundamentalist” test http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_fundamentalist

          And tin-foil hat websites are not “ministries” in any meaningful sense of the term

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