C4M – Ten Reasons – Number Seven

Here’s Reason Number Seven from the Coalition for Marriage’s “Ten Reasons” leaflet.

Myth 7
Gay Marriage Simpsons Style!Gay couples want to marry

Polling shows that only a minority of gay people (39 per cent) believe gay marriage is a priority. And according to the Government only 3 per cent of gay people would enter a same-sex marriage.

A number of gay celebrities and journalists are themselves opposed to gay marriage. Latest official data shows that only 0.7 per cent of households are headed by a same-sex couple. Not all of them want, or will enter, a same-sex marriage. So, why is such a monumental change being imposed throughout society?

This is an interesting one. Certainly, the fact that Christopher Biggins does or doesn’t want to get married (or even bring in gender-neutral marriage) is not a deciding factor, but if even a majority of those for whom this is meant to benefit do not want it, why are we pressing ahead with it?

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