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I’ve received the following press release.

Church of Scotland LogoStatement from the gathering of
Church of Scotland Evangelicals
Perth Letham St Marks
14 June 2013

Press Release

Many evangelicals within the Church of Scotland are deeply concerned about the current crisis over the ordination and induction of those in same-sex civil partnerships. Some have left the Kirk and others are considering doing so.

Today in Perth there was a large gathering of 350 evangelicals from the Church of Scotland (ministers, elders and members). The result of this was the formation of a network of evangelicals who have made the clear decision to remain in the Church of Scotland and to work for its reformation and renewal. We believe that the Church of Scotland remains an important vehicle for reaching the whole population of Scotland with the Gospel and, despite recent decisions, believe that God is still at work among us. We also believe that we can remain with integrity.

We urge others to join with us and to remain in the Church of Scotland, as we seek to restore and rebuild our Church.

Our vision for this network of evangelicals within the Kirk will be developed over the next few months.

On behalf of the Church of Scotland Evangelical Network
Rev Professor Andrew McGowan 01463 238770
Rev Jim Stewart 01738 624167

Keynote speeches are also available online:

Alistair Morrice’s introduction –
Kenny Borthwick on the Bible –
Prof Andrew McGowan on the theology –
Colin Sinclair on Hope

Or you can stream them all here:

There doesn’t appear to be any sign of a website for this new grouping or any indication of the structure.

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