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Some Staggering Statistics

Now, you know me. I’m not the one for waving around lurid statistics about death rates amongst gay men or the incidence of STDs in various sub-groups. In fact, I’m on record for criticising those who seem to constantly do

Sweden Lifts Gay Blood Ban – Almost

We’ve covered before on this blog the issue of how the NHS has a ban on men who have ever had sex with men giving blood. Well, on the same subject it looks as though Sweden has just lifted a

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Should Homosexually Active Men Give Blood?

The BBC is reporting today about a petition to change the rules in Scotland on blood donation. A petition by gay rights campaigners against what they believe is discrimination over who can give blood is to be considered by MSPs.

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World AIDS Day

Tomorrow is World AIDS day. For some reading this that might stir very little in you. In this country at least HIV/AIDS has been perceived as a disease of promiscuity, largely but not in any sense exclusively amongst the gay