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Jersey to Canterbury (and Dover)

No, this post isn’t a travelogue but rather some news (or at least, telling you about some news that will soon be announced). I understand that by the end of the month, Lambeth Palace will announce that Jersey is being

Creating and Controlling a Narrative

I find it interesting when two different sides to a dispute put forward two different narratives. It’s not so much that there is a conflict going on, it’s the reasons for the narratives being played out, the way that people

Breaking in Jersey – Bishop’s Letter to Dean

A letter that the Bishop of Winchester sent to the Dean Bob Key on the 9th of March has come into the public domain. After questions were raised in the States on Tuesday, BBC Jersey ran the following news item

Two Interviews this Weekend

Yesterday (Sunday) I did two interviews for the BBC. The first was on BBC Merseyside on the Pilling Report. The second was for BBC Jersey on the ongoing saga around the suspension of the Dean and the new Steel

Legal Representations

I’ve had all weekend to think about the statement that the Bishop of Winchester made last week on the Steel Report. For those who need reminding, this is the really interesting paragraph. “I have received legal representations from an interested

Jersey – Statement from Senator

Sir Philip Bailhache issued the following statement last night in his capacity as a Senator of the States of Jersey. PRESS RELEASE 24 November 2013 I am delighted that the Dean and his clergy have been exonerated by the Steel