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Church of England response to changing Civil Partnerships

It’s an interesting read. Q1 What are your views about abolishing the legal relationship of civil partnership once same sex couples can marry? This response to the Consultation is sent on behalf of the Church of England. The content of

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Converting Civil Partnerships to Marriage? Not so easy.

An extraordinary story. A gay couple from Barnsley are threatening legal action against the government after discovering they will not be able to marry on 29 March, when the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act comes into force, because they are

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What Kind of Celibacy?

With the news this morning that Jeffrey John has apparently been short-listed for Durham, I thought it would be worth just exploring again what the House of Bishops intended when they issued their Pastoral Statement on Civil Partnerships and what

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Men and Women in Marriage

There has been much fuss over the past week or so to do with the publication by the Church of England Faith and Order Committee (FaOC) of their report “Men and Women in Marriage“. I want to briefly explore two

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Celibate Civil Partnerships

Over the past week I’ve been pondering whether it’s useful trying to distinguish between two different kinds of same-sex “relationship” in relation to the on-going dialogue (debate? argument? all-out war?) in the Church of England over clergy and Civil Partnerships.

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Civil-Partnered Bishops?

Canon Andrew Goddard has written a piece on the ACI website exploring issues around the statement made last month that the “ban” on clergy in Civil Partnerships becoming Bishops was being lifted. Has anything changed? By applying the requirements of

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