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This is beautiful. A project to colourise clips from every existing black and white Doctor Who episode.

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What if the current Doctor Who opening sequence was actually the intro to a SNES game? Ponder no more! Hat-tip the awesome Kasterborous

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Ash over at Odd Psalms has posted a video that’s a year or two old from the American “60 minutes” slot. It raises some issues as to the causation of male homosexuality. The statistics about older / younger male siblings …

Causes of Male Homosexuality Read More »

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Contributor Peter Ould considers the life and death of Doctor Who’s much maligned, and possibly most misunderstood, companion, Adric… Would you like to read that? Then get yourself over to Kasterborous now!

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In deference to those who don’t want the joys of the next few episodes ruined right now, click the "Continue Reading" link to see who the Doctor’s up against.

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Reuben just spent the last 45 minutes sat next to Papa engrossed watching Doctor Who!! Admittedly, he was engrossed in his mother while she provided supper, but the signs are very promising!!!!

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