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Colourised Doctor Who

This is beautiful. A project to colourise clips from every existing black and white Doctor Who episode.

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Dance of the Knights

Beautiful Street / Ballet fusion from Streetdance 3D and a chance to test a new video player. [webplayer id=2] P.S. If you like classical / house fusions then here’s Junior G’s Midnight Strings. Pat on the back to the first

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3rd June – Dover

Today we’re sailing away from Blighty, waving farewell to the beautiful white cliffs of Dover. Any guesses where we’re headed?

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Hurrah!!!! Let joy and celebration be unconfined

The beautiful Mrs Dr Gayle Ould has a new job!!! Four months of patiently waiting for God to deliver has paid off. Actually it gets better because she got offered two jobs this morning and we’ve had to turn down

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