Month: November 2006

As you do

A number of observations: Tomorrow is the first of December That’s a long way from the first of January Having finally watched this week’s Torchwood, I want to put off mind-reading for as long as possible Ikea officially serve the

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Daddy Cool

Some nice stuff on Patristics from the Way of the Fathers: The Fathers of the Church are a select group of early Christian teachers, usually numbered around a hundred. The Church has long revered them and given them a privileged

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JCBs forever

Remember last year’s JCB song that made it to number one at Christmas? Here’s a fantastic video of Nizlopi doing the song live.

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World AIDS Day

Tomorrow is World AIDS day. For some reading this that might stir very little in you. In this country at least HIV/AIDS has been perceived as a disease of promiscuity, largely but not in any sense exclusively amongst the gay

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Come back Glen Campbell, all is forgiven

I can’t decide yet whether this little tune, out on Monday, is absolutely brilliant or altogether the other end of the spectrum.

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SORry, that’s going too far

There is a huge amount of fuss in the UK papers at the moment about the impending implementation of the new Sexual Orientation Regulations. The regulations, being pushed through to begin in Northern Ireland on the 1st January and at

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