Month: December 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Fancy some cheese to celebrate? Really? Press “Play” for the Cheese!!!! Now put the blog down and go and play with something you’ve got batteries for. And….. we made a niece very happy!!!

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The time is right…

Christmas Eve and all is fantastic. Press play guys, press play…

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Hours Away…

Christmas Eve in the morning, it’s not even 7:30am and I’m off to a neighbouring parish to do an 8am Holy Communion (BCP). Question – Who first had the idea of 8am Communion services? Were they taken out and shot?

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Brilliant – Myrrh at Christmas

Christopher Howse in today’s Telegraph: It is true that myrrh mixed with wine was offered to Jesus on the cross, and that Nicodemus provided myrrh and aloes to anoint his grave-clothes. But the deathly associations of myrrh are turned upside-down

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Schori will go to Tanzania – but will she stay?

David Virtue is reporting that a leaked letter from ++Canterbury to Phillip Aspinall, the Primate of Australia, shows that Katherine Jefferts Schori will be invited to Tanzania to join the Primates in February. Of course, some of the his readers

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Evening of the 22nd

Let’s let Brian lead us in worship.

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