Month: January 2007

Discontented Winters?

The January 2007 “Best Strapline on a Blog” Award goes to the man in a shed: Born in 1967 and a Conservative since 1973 when I learnt that Socialism makes the lights go out.

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Dynamite on the Panel of Reference

Stand Firm have a must read piece on how the Panel of Reference has essentially been stymied by its chair and senior people at the Anglican Communion Office. As the report on New Westminster was being finalised a team from

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Christmas Trance

A little late (OK, over a month late), but this little beauty is one of the best entries for a remix competiton on Sarah McLachlan’s website. Enjoy!!

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Tom Wright on SORs

We like Tom Wright. Forget those uber-Evangelicals who think his works on Jesus and Paul are a betrayal of Orthodoxy; Tom is the man who has consistently, in his role on various Anglican bodies, including the Windsor Report Committee, defended

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Horses and Carriages

Elaine Storkey this morning on Thought for the Day had lots of good stuff to say on relationships. Relationships are about perseverance and hope, that things will be better. When people fail you, when they sin, you persevere and hope

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Adoption Discrimination IS fine – as long as it’s against Christians

A brilliant piece in today’s Telegraph: However, it wasn’t just our reaction to the “faeces question” that went down badly with the social workers. We got the distinct impression that they had a real problem with our Christian faith, although

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