Month: August 2007

Ascending Mount Carmel – One Step at at Time – Part One

Ash over at Odd Psalms is back blogging. As for how my Christian lifestyle and gay attractions have mixed, it’s kind of an interesting question. As a Christian, I love God, and I want to love Him more and more

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Sometimes people don’t like you. I mean they really don’t like you. You do something that they disagree with and the knives are out. For those who are of a macabre mind, why don’t you pop on over to the

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What others think of me

It’s always interesting when you write a blog post or two which challenge others. In particular I’ve been fascinated by some of the responses to the video I did yesterday, so for posterity here’s some of the nicer things that

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Some more thoughts on Martyrdom

On the whole the response to the post below has been good – most people have understood very clearly the simple truth that dying to self is the hallmark of Christian discipleship, and that sometimes that involves the ultimate cost.

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An Open Message to the Orthodox Bishops in TEC

Seeing as my wife and I will be on holiday when the TEC House of Bishops begins its important meeting next month, I thought I’d let the Windsor Bishops know at this point what I’m praying for them. If you

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Shock Exclusive – Martyn Minns and Peter Akinola are colleagues who work together

OK, who wants some internal Anglican politiking? Really? Go on then… The Church Times has a piece this morning “revealing” how a recent letter by Peter Akinola, the Primate of Nigeria, was extensively edited before publication by Martyn Minns, the

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