Kenneth Kearon – Shame on You

Guess who’s ultimately responsible for the Anglican Communion Website? That’s right, Kenneth Kearon who is the Secretary General.

Perhaps he’d like to explain why, as BabyBlue helpfully points out, Bishop John David Schofield of San Joaquin is listed on his site as "inhibited" but Bishop Carles Bennison Jr of Pennsylvania isn’t? Just to remind you . . . → Read More: Kenneth Kearon – Shame on You

How Scientology is being Google Bombed

If you go to Google and type in the words "dangerous cult", guess who comes up as the number one link? FactNET has more on how this was done but here’s the layman’s guide:

Create a new blog post In the blog post create a link with, off the top of my head, the words . . . → Read More: How Scientology is being Google Bombed

Rowan(ish) meets the press..

Possibly already contender for Anglican blog post of the year, MCJ provides us with a moment of utter hilarity!!!

(Reproduced in full here because I don’t want you to miss it)

Good morning.  This is Meet the Press and I’m Tim Russert.  Can the law teach human decency or good manners?  Should it even try?  Should . . . → Read More: Rowan(ish) meets the press..

Testimony – David Kyle Foster


Resistance is NOT futile

New Hope Outreach with some thoughts that will help some readers of this blog. Feel free to contact me via the "Contact Peter" page if I can help you with anything raised below.

The “Borg[1]” cube spacecraft approaches the unsuspecting and fearful starship announcing ‘Resistance is futile’ and with that announcement it proceeds to capture . . . → Read More: Resistance is NOT futile

Piper – Psalm 106 and Abortion

So the psalm is raw when it comes to child sacrifice. There are at least four parallels with abortion.

1) It Is Called Sacrifice

One is that it is called “sacrifice.” Verse 37: “They sacrificed their sons and their daughters.” Sacrifice means that you give up something ordinarily considered valuable (a sheep or . . . → Read More: Piper – Psalm 106 and Abortion

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Wherever we see the Word of God purely preached and heard, there a church of God exists, even if it swarms with many faults
Jean Calvin


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