Month: January 2009

Small Technical Note

I’ve disabled comment editing for the moment as it seems to be playing up. You will still be able to write comments, you just won’t be able to change them if you make a mistake!!! Also, thanks for all the

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Why Charles and why a martyr?

The more observant of you today (30th January) will notice that the site has up a picture of Charles I and the collect for today. It reads: King of kings and Lord of lords, whose faithful servant Charles prayed for

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Clause 58 – Commons Committee

Clause 58 of the 2009 Coroners and Justice Bill will go to committee next week, on the 3rd till the 5th of February. As yet there are no dates for the Report stage or the Lords first and second readings,

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The Virginia Same-Sex Blessing Liturgy

A few days ago, Stand Firm covered the story that the Diocese of Virginia had voted to introduce a liturgy for the blessing of same-sex unions. This is the text of the specific resolution: R-4a Integrity of Committing Relationships RESOLVED,

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Clause 58 – Commons Amendments

The Commons amendments to the 2009 C&J Bill are now online (and are totally boring and normal). No sign yet of the Lords amendments.

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For Regular Commenters / Readers

Have a look at this. Good idea? Bad idea? Any suggestions?

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