The Archbishop’s Remarks this morning

No, not the Thought for the Day but the interview afterwards.

Justin WelbyThe reality is that where you have a good vicar you will find growing churches.

[The church] needs to be very flexible in how it engages locally and it needs to be very clear about it’s intention of growing numbers. It doesn’t happen accidentally. All the research we’ve got is that if we don’t actually set out to grow the number of people and draw people to the reality of the love of God in Jesus Christ it doesn’t happen. It’s not an act of collateral benefit to existing [congregations]. So you’ve got to be very intentional and you’ve got to be very flexible about how you do it.

Some people are not very happy about this.

Was the Archbishop saying that if your congregation isn’t growing that you’re a bad vicar, or did he mean something else?

Remember three days ago when I said that the honeymoon will have to end at some point for Welby? First lovers’ tiff on the horizon?