Hurrah!!!! Let joy and celebration be unconfined

The beautiful Mrs Dr Gayle Ould has a new job!!! Four months of patiently waiting for God to deliver has paid off. Actually it gets better because she got offered two jobs this morning and we’ve had to turn down one prestigiousish job at the top UK HIV research lab for the other one. But on reflection, that’s a little nod just to the wondefulness of the woman I married. I love her to bits (ask her about the daisies….)

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  1. Really pleased for Gayle – so long as she’s not getting paid more than me, in which case, I’d just be jealous. And by the way, can you tell me the name and a contact at the company where you turned them down so that I can phone them up and make myself a few quid by offering my top headhunting skills. Thanks.

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