Anglican Blogs – How do they stack up – Part the Second

Did you get excited about the table which showed Technorati rankings? Technorati ranks on the basis of links to sites, whereas Alexa can give you a much more accurate picture of who goes where. The Alexa traffic rank lets us know on a day to day basis who is reading what. The lower the value, the further up the table a site gets.

And this gives a different picture to the previous table….

Blog Alexa Traffic Rank
Stand Firm in Faith 194,238
Episcopal Church Official Site 197,222
Church Times 261,437
Titus One Nine 299,087
Virtue Online 309,816
Ruth Gledhill – Articles of Faith 321,192
Perpetua of Carthage 370,959
Sydney Anglicans 540,455
MidWest Conservative Journal 564,978
BabyBlueCafe 581,828
Episcopal Café 591,850
Anglican Mainstream 768,690
Anglican Curmudgeon 773,136
Thinking Anglicans 799,061
Bishop Alan Wilson 814,519
An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy 1,049,767
Northern Plains Anglicans 1,057,283
Fulcrum 1,649,747
Covenant 1,665,361
Gentle Wisdom 1,728,848
Preludium 1,808,601
George Conger 2,393,795
Susan Russell 2,506,270
David Ould 2,533,572
Anglican Continuum 2,731,356
The Ugley Vicar 3,073,343
Brad Drell 3,264,695
Anglican TV 3,415,551
Integrity USA 4,090,326
Integrity Blog 4,392,905
Changing Attitude 7,503,840

Wow! What a difference. Almost all the top sites in terms of where people are going (as opposed to who is being linked to) are conservative. Thinking Anglicans for example is four times further down the list than Stand Firm.

Looking at the two lists together, what they are indicating is that the liberal sites tend to get lots of people eagerly linking to them, but they don’t generate close to the traffic that the conservative sites do. Why do we think that is?

I think this is a better list, because it shows where people are actually going, not just where they want people to go. What do you think? Any more names to add? I’ll pop any on the list that have an Alexa ranking less than 10 million.

As an egotistical aside, there are now five sites on the list that are written from an explicitly gay or post-gay perspective. Guess who comes top of those? Guess how far down the others come…

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