Sometimes it’s just too much effort

If I could have summoned up the energy, I might have had a go at fisking Judith Maltby’s latest pretensions in the Guardian, but to be honest, it’s just more of the same. Here instead is a summary of what she says:

  1. It’s an outrage that it’s legal to discriminate against women in the Church
  2. Ann Widdecombe is neither “serious or intelligent” (I do believe that’s ad hominem)
  3. Providing for those who agree with the vast majority of world-wide Christians (Romans and Eastern Orthodox) that women can’t be priests would be “institutionalised intolerance” and “creepy McCarthyite”
  4. It’s not about ‘surrendering to “secularism” and “the world”‘, because if that were so we should withdraw from all forms of chaplaincy and the like. (This is of course a non sequitur, but let’s not stop that getting in the way of an argument)
  5. And finally, it’s her second Guardian column on the subject this year, and she still hasn’t actually addressed any of the  theology involved…
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