Horizontal Hymn Singing

This is the kind of stuff that gives the church a bad name:

Lord of our diversity,
unite us all, we pray;
welcome us to fellowship
in your inclusive way.

Teach us all to have respect;
to love and not deride.
save us from the challenges
of selfishness and pride.

Sanctify our listening
and help us get the sense
of perplexing arguments
before we take offence.

Teach us that opinions which
at first may seem quite strange
may reflect the glory of
your great creative range.

May the Holy Spirit now
show us the way preferred.
may we follow the commands
of your authentic word.


It was sung at the opening Festival Eucharist of the Anglican Consultative Council and Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream had this to say about it:

There was one eminently forgettable hymn commissioned for the occasion. Its lyrics were theologically twee, politically correct, poetically thin (try saying them) and the music was lifted from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy … If ever there was horizontal hymn-singing this was it, far from the great traditional hymns of the Church, none of which was sung.

You know of course that this is anthropocentric liberal nonsense when Colin Coward of Changing Attitude likes it.

The second hymn had been specially commissioned for this ACC meeting and was written by Mervyn Morris and Noel Dexter. It could have been written for a Changing Attitude or Inclusive Church service.

And that’s where it should have stayed.

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