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This Week’s Music

Following on from the previous post on the subject, here’s the music I’ve been listening to on the radio for the past week or two. Enjoy! and my two favourites…

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Just to Educate

For future reference. This is NOT a football. This is most certainly NOT a football. This, well, you’re having a laugh right? No sir, I think you’ll find that THIS is a football. A Rugby Football to be precise. Now, press the

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Vicky Beeching – Eternity Invades

OK, she’s a friend of the family so we’re biased, but I am SO looking forward to the new album, Eternity Invades, coming out from Vicky Beeching at Easter. Those of use in the know have been given a sneak

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Some Music for the Weekend

Finally found the official video (with good English subtitles) for this number. Made number three in the Italian charts did you know? It did! Thanks to Andrew W for reminding me of it, and dedicated to our pet pharisee, “Sound”.

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Horizontal Hymn Singing

This is the kind of stuff that gives the church a bad name: Lord of our diversity, unite us all, we pray; welcome us to fellowship in your inclusive way. Teach us all to have respect; to love and not

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No, not Alan Partridge

Do you ever have those moments when you’re spending the best of your day at a desk, and you just want some music to keep you going? Yeah, me too.. By the way, they should have remodulated “The Sun Always

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