Revd David Heron compares me to Hitler

Just in case you didn’t see it, here’s David Heron’s blog post from this morning where he compares me to Hitler. Should we mention my genetic heritage just to add to the insult?

Nice to see such a generous display of inclusivity and liberal love. Anybody else want to join David in his sophisticated and well thought out defence of the revisionist position?

Update – You know what’s hilarious? This update from David Heron:

(I am revising this post as Mr Ould rightly objects to a comparison with Hitler. It was the Feuhrer who gassed gays. Mr Ould only wants to do what the Royal College of Psychiatrists are unable to do. Get the Bible to “cure” them).

Apparently it’s perfectly OK to say “Person A doesn’t like X”, then to say “Person B doesn’t like X”, and then to argue that you weren’t trying to say “Person A is like Person B” despite the fact you stick up photos of the both of them, that the only people you mention are those two, and that the logical reading of the piece is to lead you to the conclusion that both Person A and B are cut off the same block? Right.

I’m in absolutely no doubt that David Heron was drawing a comparison between me and Hitler. His inability to simply admit his error just compounds the issue.

8 Comments on “Revd David Heron compares me to Hitler

  1. I’ve never seen that blog before. Wow. Just wow. What a hate-filled guy.

  2. Wow, that site really is something! Is that actually a real clergyman? He deserves some pity. It must be terrible to be totally fuelled by hate!

    • I think it may be. If someone was to point out to him that I was Austrian by descent, it would also constitute Racial Harassment. Someone should also point out to him Canon C26, clause 2.

  3. Actually he is comparing you to Gary Beach. Mr Beach is a very talented Broadway actor who is gay. He originated the role of Roger deBris in ‘The Producers’. The picture is of him in the middle of the number ‘Springtime for Hitler’.

    Mr Heron appears to be a madpriest wannabe. Sad really.

  4. Might be better ignoring him. Seems like he wants attention.

    Strange. Very strange.

    • I have to say, I think you’re probably right. I’ll get down off my self-righteous mound now I think.

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