Alpha and the Bear

Hat-tip to David Keen who has pointed out to us all the new Alpha promo.

Nick Baines thinks it’s a bit silly and confusing (and he might have a point), but let’s stop and ask ourselves what advertising is all about. Is it just telling people the details about the product? For example, what about this famous offering?

Ask yourself this question – in the past minute how much have I learnt about the technical specifications of the Clio? Answer – not a sausage. Now ask yourself whether you remembered that advertising campaign, and that if someone had said to you “Papa, Nicole” you would instantly have thought of cars (even if you couldn’t remember the make or model). And what have Vic and Bob got to do with the internal combustion engine and the chasis in which it sits? Not a lot really, but this was one of the most successful of the Clio ads because the comedians were at the height of their fame and the audience recognition and positive association was maxed out.

So that’s how to view the Bear Grylls advert – it’s not about telling people the ins and outs of Alpha, it’s about brand recognition and celebrity association. Does it work in that regard? What do you think?

5 Comments on “Alpha and the Bear

  1. Someone posh (Bear was at Eton)as the face of Alpha?! Shocking!;-)

    Are the adverts going to be on regular TV? If so, I do think they’ll provoke interest, especially amongst the male age groups that I gather are underrepresented in typical churches these days. At Glasgow Queen Street Station there’s one of the new Alpha posters besides and advert for Dawkins’ latest book (on Evolution) which I found amusing.

    Happy nativity of the BVM everyone! Your church calendar image/liturgy is excellent, Peter.

  2. Why does ALPHA have to go the celebrity route? Good job they didn’t try this earlier with Samantha Fox in 1994…

  3. OK, they’re both really just communicating a simple message of “look! Bear Grylls did Alpha, why don’t you”… but at least you can see the scenes, lips and voice sync on the longer version!

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