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Turn on the Tap

Tomorrow sees the release of a new single by Lou Fellingham (she of PhatFish fame) highlighting the Samaritan’s Purse Turn on the Tap campaign. The single is released tomorrow on iTunes. Why don’t you go and download it and help

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How Not To Audition

For those who didn’t catch it yesterday on ITV (in the UK), here’s the closing audition on this week’s The X-Factor. Text book stuff, trust me. Now, there’s plenty of ground to be made on commenting on whether the voyeurism

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Alpha and the Bear

Hat-tip to David Keen who has pointed out to us all the new Alpha promo. Nick Baines thinks it’s a bit silly and confusing (and he might have a point), but let’s stop and ask ourselves what advertising is all

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Fame at last!!!!

Or not quite really. I was lecturing today at St John’s College, Nottingham on issues around "post-gay". You lucky people might get to find out what I said, as Rachel is an independent student there and Rachel was taking notes!!!! If

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