Affecting Society

I’ve just answered an email to a friend about how as pastors we approach the changes that are happening in society around us. This is my response to him and I’m publishing it below to get your thoughts on my thoughts.

I think the difference in our perspectives is less that I don’t acknowledge a huge shift going on in our culture around identity and sexual identity in particular, but rather I’m convinced that we as Christians are not going to be able to materially affect society for a long time yet (decades?) I genuinely feel that the debate over things like Civil Partnerships is over and that the role of the church is not to oppose these things in society in general but rather to make sure that the Body of Christ continues to maintain an incarnational witness to a holy lifestyle that reflects and honours Jesus. Our task then is to love people for the sake of loving them, giving them the dignity and respect that they deserve, to never flinch from the truth when asked what we believe is the way that God has called us to live, and to help those in whom the Spirit moves to learn what it is to be disciples of Christ.

What do you think?

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