“Please don’t label me”

This kid knows exactly what he wants to do - why should you stand in his way?Forget the amusing story that the children on the latest atheist bus campaign are in fact sprogs of Evangelicals. What’s more hilarious is the thinking behind the campaign – “Please don’t label me – Let me grow up and choose for myself”. What kind of uncaring parents would take such an approach?

I discussed this with Reuben (he’s a smart kid for 18 months) who suggested that we could extend the campaign as follows:

“Please don’t label me as a ‘someone who knows how to the cross the road properly’. Don’t indoctrinate me with your Green Cross Code ideology – let me choose for myself how and when I cross the road and learn from my own mistakes.”

“Please don’t label me as ‘someone who rejects illegal body-wrecking narcotics’. Don’t indoctrinate me with your ‘Just Say No’ dogma – le me choose for myself whether I try drugs without having to listen to you tell me whether it’s right or wrong.”

“Please don’t label me as ‘someone who stays safe when playing in the kitchen’. Don’t indoctrinate me your ‘The hob is hot so if you put your hand on it you’ll burn it’ presuppositions – let me experiment with the gas flame to my hearts content and choose for myself whether or not to pull the saucepan off the cooker”.

“Please don’t label me as ‘someone who doesn’t use violence to get their own way’. Don’t indoctrinate me with your But it’s wrong to hit people’ prejudice – let me choose for myself whether I beat someone up if I don’t like what they’re doing.”

Sensible advice there I think from Reuben. After all, we wouldn’t want to to be forcing upon our kids the things we think are right, just because we as parents have chosen a certain path.

Any more suggestions for things that we should let Reuben choose for himself?

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