Vicky Beeching – Eternity Invades

OK, she’s a friend of the family so we’re biased, but I am SO looking forward to the new album, Eternity Invades, coming out from Vicky Beeching at Easter. Those of use in the know have been given a sneak preview, and you lucky lucky readers of my blog are going to get an even more special treat because below you can click the play button to hear a snippet one of the tracks before it’s released!

The thing I’ve always loved about Vicky’s music is its theological richness. Vocky has a degree in theology from Oxford University and she’s one smart girl. The last time we met up we drank coffee in Starbucks and chatted missiology and epistomology (while Reuben demanded that Vicky read him every single book we’d brought with us!). Like the best of hymnody, her songs aren’t cheesy “Jesus is my boyfriend” stuff but rooted in Scripture and liturgy. The track below, “Blessing and Honour”, is drawn from St John’s Revelation and would work brilliantly both in a general worship session and in a more liturgical yet charismatic environment during the Eucharist.

So as a very special treat press play and enjoy, and if you like it as much as I do, pre-order now!


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