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Not a lot of blogging this week I’m afraid as I’m preparing a paper for the Christian New Media Conference this weekend. I’ll be starting to open up some issues around ecclesiology on the web, particularly in the areas of authority and inclusion. I’ll post the paper at the weekend, together with a bunch of supporting material.

Apologies therefore for the lack of content. If you’re coming to London on Saturday for the Conference, I’ll see you there. If you haven’t yet got your ticket, here’s the details.

Sat 16 Oct 2010, 09:30am – 5:00pm

Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre, City University, London

With just one week until the first Christian New Media Conference book your tickets now to make sure you don’t miss out.

Spend a day with expert practitioners as they share with you the skills and knowledge you need to know to make an impact online.

The conference is made up of main sessions covering topics of interest to everyone and break-out seminars focussing on specific subjects, including a dedicated theological stream.

1st Breakout
choose from:
Making the
Most of Email
in a Local Church
Writing great
Introduction to
the Digital
Connectivus 1
2nd Breakout
choose from:
How to do
digital mission
Getting the
most out of
Facebook &
Get the
website you
need & want
Connectivus 2
3rd Breakout
choose from:
Reaching young
people through
New Media
How to get
Getting people
to find your
Papers 1
4th Breakout
choose from:
How to make
and distribute
a Viral Video
New Media
Legal Master
Papers 2

We are pleased to announce that the Early Bird Booking discount has been extended so, so be sure to book your tickets at only £25.00 each as places are strictly limited!

Book here

6 Comments on “Christian New Media Conference

  1. I thought you were POST 'homo connectivus'! ;-) (sorry) Part about facebook/twitter sounds interesting. Clergy must be tempted to have *two profiles* each (one for friends etc, another for members of your congregation and those you come across in wider ministry?) but IIRC facebook still frowns on that.

  2. I really wanted to be on this conference, but it's my first proper day off for 2 months! Family would have done unspeakable things to me if I said I was working again.
    Looking forward to a full report.

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