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  1. Flo Rida: ‘Can you blow my whistle, baby’, Subtle, eh … ?
    And a music video of beach babes in things sprinkling themselves with water. How utterly original ..
    Still he did a remake of Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round’ that was smokin’ hot, so I can just about forgive him …

      • Flo-Rida?! PItbull?! You know, there’s lots of GOOD hip-hop (new Rick Ross and Nas albums this month!) out there ;-)

        Although Philip, couldn’t a case be made that most pop/rock/R&B whatever music – and dancing- is ultimately about sex? One can disagree with Bono/Elvis’ fear that the devil has the best tunes, but it’s still a pertinent if not indeed necessary question. I suspect one reason for the sheer awfulness of most (Wesley Owen) style Christian Pop or Christian Rap (C-Rap?) is that it is a (literally) ungodly mashing up of subject matter and forms that are by no means naturally a good match.

        • Wow, CB! I didn’t have you down as a ‘pop/rock music is all about sex’ type. Still, you’re in good company with both the Freudians (see here: http://www.thewallanalysis.com/main/ for an incredibly tortuous analysis of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, with much of it from a Freudian perspective. That’s if you’ve nothing better to do of course …) and the fundamentalists (see here: http://www.babylonforsaken.com/christianrock.html for yet another version of the racist urban legend that rock music came from African ritual music used to worship the devil). … :-)

          • Again with the Freudian straw man! Do I need to provide a list of seminal R&B, rock and pop (how many years ago was it that the Stones were getting in trouble for singing ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together’ again?) songs that are about sex?

            Surely any fan of The Wall will be more than aware of Gerald Scarfe’s vagina-based drawings, done presumably with Roger Water’s blessing, used for the live shows? You appear to think that Freudians believe everything is about sex, therefore nothing is about sex, a very curious fallacy (phallacy?) ;)

            ‘Racist’ is a very low blow. ‘About sex’ in no way equates to ‘devil worship’ (!!). Elvis was about sex, and he famously appropriated black music (don’t you recall the fuss about Elvis’ hips being shown on live TV?)

            • although, for the record, The Wall is of course primarily about alienation. I’m not sure that one could claim that prog rock is representative of rock/pop per se however. Hopefully you’d agree that *most* rock is not about Tolkienesque fantasy ;-)

              • It was just intended as a light-hearted comment. I wasn’t making a serious point. I certainly didn’t intend to accuse you of being a racist and I apologise if you took it that way.

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